Love Notes

Find out why I can be your best fitness partner


What they’re saying

I am extremely thankful to have found this "tribe" and to have the unique chance to connect and grow and learn every day and every week! Thank you Allison, for always being such a great resource and for being my inspiration in all things health and fitness and more.

—Michelle Moon

You are amazing at what you do and such an inspiration to me and others. You make a difference everyday!

—Marie Mango Walker



Thank you for always pushing me to be a better me. Your passion is contagious, and I’m so fortunate to have you as a partner on this journey!

—Elizabeth Cameron

Allison is an inspiration.. She has determination and she is passionate about her business. She never gave up on me and has changed me from the inside out. Don't know where I would be in my journey without her by my side.

Chelsea Jones

Extremely Motivational and very helpful. Seeing all her posts help keep me accountable.
Love her!



Allison is AMAZING I love how she motivates me to push further and do my ultimate best that I can do, she is always there for me whenever I need encouragement! She is definitely a 10!


Allison is a great coach! She has supported me so much throughout my journey. So glad she introduced me to the program, and a wonderful group of people! She has truly been a blessing.

—Kelly Keating

My Coach’s Coach! Allison is a natural motivator who actually cares to help others and it really carries throughout everything she does and shares. I am learning a lot from her.
I genuinely feel like I am having fun every day!



Allison is real, honest and is always ready to help. The thing I like the most is the fact that she doesn’t put up a front, she tells you things as they are even on the days she struggles. Following her has helped me become more motivated about taking control of my health! She is so positive and inspirational. She shares great recipes, awesome videos, and positive  messages.


Well this is hard because there is sooo much to thanks Allison for. See I had a coach previously. I had ordered Shakeology before her but what I didn't have before her was trust. Trust that my coach was going to follow up everyday, check in with me, ask me hard questions, call me. I just had a name and ordered it. That coach wasn't a coach she was a salesperson. Allison is a COACH. I followed her for 2 years in free groups before I joined her.. She followed up with me and never lost touch. I love her for all of this but I love her most for her belief in me. It is unwavering not just in me but in all her coaches and challengers. She is an angel to me. Someone I will know for the rest of my life whether I become a great coach like her or not. She is a friend, a mentor, a sister in this effort to be the best version of myself possible. Because of her I look in the mirror and love myself for lime the first time EVER! I have significantly reduced my anxiety attacks, I have adopted great new habits that make me a better mom and wife.

—Erin Del Balzo

Inspiration seems to come naturally to she was made to be an encourager. I have been blessed to be a part of her group. She knows the struggle is real and she gently pushes me to remember what's important and why I started this. I am so thankful for her!

Robyn Robinson Kaspersky