Getting dinner on the table


The dreaded dinner time... I used to only think about fasting when it came to getting dinner on the table.

After school activities, homework, a tired family and me trying to please everyone—ugh…the hardest time of day. But once I realized it wasn’t my job to please everyone but rather to teach my family healthy habits and keep them as healthy as possible, I started changing the way I thought about cooking.

Little by little weeknight cooking became a lot easier and now I can come up with quick dinners and most importantly nutritious, clean, family-meals.

Here is one of my fast, healthy and simple dinner menus:

  • Pan grilled chicken burgers
  • Mixed green salad with sunflower seeds and oil and vinegar
  • 1 piece of gluten free sprouted for life bread.

The kids have chicken burgers, celery and carrots and whole wheat (WW) pasta.
You don’t have to sacrifice healthy just because you want to cook something quickly.
Keep following me for easy dinner-time recipes!

How to break bad habits


We all have things we would like to quit or change but of course quitting is not easy, change is a challenge. Personally—and I speak from a lot of experience—I have always felt it almost impossible to break any of my bad habits unless I had something better to replace it with.

When you focus on JUST quitting something without the refocusing on a new behavior you are way more likely to give up and go back to your old ways.

This may shock you but I used to smoke! I can’t even believe it myself but I started when I was about 15. When I quit I did it for me and I replaced my habit with rubbing a rock between my fingers and sucking on a mint when I was driving (that was the hardest).

I also have had an addiction with the scale. That habit was a little harder to deal with than smoking because it was an emotional addiction rather than a physical. In order to stop my Obsession with the scale I had to work on me and replace my negative thoughts with positive ones.

Everyone has a quit list. If you could focus on quitting 1 thing today, what would you replace it with?

Contact me if you want to talk about getting started on your quit list today.

Meal-planning for 80 Day Obsession


My regular Meal Prep sessions take place on Sundays.
I usually spend about 1½  hours and I end up with:

Pre Workout meals
Post Workout meals

Meal 1  |  Lunch (to choose from below)

  • Ground Turkey
  • Brown rice
  • Salmon
  • Roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon (yum!)
  • Salad
  • Cut veggies
  • Fruit
  • Nuts

Meal 2  |  Shakeology + Fruit

Meal 3  |  Dinner (to choose from below)

  • Monday - Chicken burgers
  • Tuesday - Stir fry
  • Wednesday - IP chicken
  • Thursday - Fish
  • Friday - Grill

The egg-cups in the photo were made for Luis (DH).
What if you could spend 1-2 hours on a Sunday to save you time and money throughout the rest of the week?
Why? Because you can! Contact me for more information on how you can get started.