Meeting Autumn Calabrese


Almost 4 years ago I pushed play for the first time and I never imagined that I would one day be hugging the woman that motivated me each morning to keep going. (I’ve  actually wanted to punch her a couple of times during the hardest training sessions, LOL!). But seriously—this business has changed my life and made me believe in myself. So, as I sat right behind Autumn yesterday and listened to her speak I was delighted to realize she is just like us.

Autumn Calabrese is strong and caring and believes in her purpose of helping people as do I and many coaches on my team.

My point? Don’t think you can’t do what I do or what she does… because you can!
Work hard and set small attainable goals, then crush them!

In 2018 my goal is to be ME each and every day.
Follow me, support me, or un-follow me but this page is my platform for sharing my journey as a form of therapy, as accountability and as a way to motivate others just like me. This is a place where I can share the fact that you are in control of your choices and if you want something, you have everything you need to go after it. When you shift your thinking big things start to happen in your life.

Your vision of life


Have you ever taken the time to sit and think and dream about what you want out of life? Do you have a vision? Or are you so visionless all you want to do is sleep to avoid the pain of complacency? Are you always exhausted and wanting to sleep just to avoid pain?

If you keep your eyes closed for too long your vision and dreams stay in the dark! I had no idea what this meant until I started living my purpose!

Why do I get up so early when I don’t have to?
Because of my vision and the desire to live more and be more!

The starting point of everything we do comes from our vision! It’s the thing that drives us to stay motivated, pulls us out of our comfy comfort zones and helps us stay the course when confronted with obstacles.

The excitement of life and working on a future worth having can put a lot into perspective. Do you have a vision that gets you out of bed? If not maybe this is the wake up call you need! I would be doing you a disservice by not sharing the importance of having dreams. Know what you want and go after it with all you’ve got!

How to wake up early in the morning?


One question I get asked quite often is “Allison how do you wake up so happy in the morning”?

If you had met me 4 years ago you would have thought I was anything but happy. Even today, I wake up wanting to keep sleep in just like everyone else— but within a couple minutes I flip on the gratitude switch in my brain. We all have one, you just have to learn how to use it!

I am so grateful each and every day that God brought me out of darkness into his wonderful light. For too long I suffered with anxiety, depression and lived life just going through the motions. There was a time when I could barely pull my butt out of bed. Now, all it takes is just remembering to flip the switch.

Success and change are in your attitude and perspective!


Change requires action


Start with what you have, and don’t think of what you don't have!

If only I had this...
If only this was different...
If this wasn't going on...

Stop! No more excuses!

God has already given you what you need to begin creating your future. It's within your reach. You just need to pick up your arms.

"Don't let what you cannot do keep you from doing what you can do."
What you can do now is the only influence you have over your future. So begin doing it now, today, somehow, but don't just stay where you are, wishing for things to be different.
Change doesn't work like that, you have to work for change, then keep working at it. So make the most of what you have, no matter the circumstances and watch what will happen.


Ask and you shall receive


Sometimes my morning messages are so clear and other mornings I pray and pray to find out what message God is calling me to share.

Today was one of those mornings and then it came to me…that’s my message:

Ask and you shall receive.

We stress ourselves out so much when we try to do things on our own. When we want to make things happen “now” but the truth is no matter what you are doing if you want to stay close to God and do things his way you should always ask for him to show you the path forward moment by moment.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”
—Romans 8:31

Practicing gratefulness


I used to be the half empty girl, the one who was always wanting more, the one comparing herself to others. It wasn’t until I lost my mom and sat in her empty house looking around at everything she had worked so hard for that I questioned—what for?

You take nothing with you when you die… The only things left behind are the memories and relationships you made.

Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy nice things and I work hard to be able to provide those things to my family, but it’s not what matters most. What drives me is creating something I can leave behind when I am gone. It’s enjoying every moment, good or bad, and truly living in each moment. 􀃻

“For from him and through him and for him are all things “ 􀎼􀇤

“ALL THINGS”—the good, the bad, the ugly, the everyday gifts in our lives.

To cultivate my awareness I practice gratitude each day by writing down what I am grateful for.

Today it’s being able to work from home doing what I love and changing my schedule so I can have breakfast in the morning with my daughter and the hot freshly brewed coffee I get to enjoy while writing this.

What is the “so much” that God has already given you?

Take a few minutes and start your day by thanking God for the first thing that comes to your mind and try to continue doing that as the day goes on.

How to break bad habits


We all have things we would like to quit or change but of course quitting is not easy, change is a challenge. Personally—and I speak from a lot of experience—I have always felt it almost impossible to break any of my bad habits unless I had something better to replace it with.

When you focus on JUST quitting something without the refocusing on a new behavior you are way more likely to give up and go back to your old ways.

This may shock you but I used to smoke! I can’t even believe it myself but I started when I was about 15. When I quit I did it for me and I replaced my habit with rubbing a rock between my fingers and sucking on a mint when I was driving (that was the hardest).

I also have had an addiction with the scale. That habit was a little harder to deal with than smoking because it was an emotional addiction rather than a physical. In order to stop my Obsession with the scale I had to work on me and replace my negative thoughts with positive ones.

Everyone has a quit list. If you could focus on quitting 1 thing today, what would you replace it with?

Contact me if you want to talk about getting started on your quit list today.