How to break bad habits


We all have things we would like to quit or change but of course quitting is not easy, change is a challenge. Personally—and I speak from a lot of experience—I have always felt it almost impossible to break any of my bad habits unless I had something better to replace it with.

When you focus on JUST quitting something without the refocusing on a new behavior you are way more likely to give up and go back to your old ways.

This may shock you but I used to smoke! I can’t even believe it myself but I started when I was about 15. When I quit I did it for me and I replaced my habit with rubbing a rock between my fingers and sucking on a mint when I was driving (that was the hardest).

I also have had an addiction with the scale. That habit was a little harder to deal with than smoking because it was an emotional addiction rather than a physical. In order to stop my Obsession with the scale I had to work on me and replace my negative thoughts with positive ones.

Everyone has a quit list. If you could focus on quitting 1 thing today, what would you replace it with?

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