How this busy Mom found herself again


I am so excited to share this amazing story with you; Darlene is a mom of 2 handsome little boys her youngest is only 4 months old. Here is her story...HER WORDS!!!

I started the 21 day fix 2 months after having my second son. After he was born I wanted to become a good role model for my kids and I wanted to be able to keep up with them-playing and participating not just sitting and watching. I was tired of not feeling good about myself image and wanted a program that was not a fad diet because if you name it, I have tried it. While reading fb posts of 3 friends and watching their amazing success/transformation, I decided this was the program for me. I can do 30 minutes of exercise and just put the food in the container to measure portions, I thought, I can do that. Clean eating even better. And what truly has been the most inspiring and motivating is the continued support of those three friends. When I am having a hard day or don’t feel as motivated I just go onto Allison’s page and get inspired all over again. The on going support has made all the difference and I am truly grateful to be on my journey to a healthier and fit mom. I have lost 16 pounds in two months and am continuing to loose weight. I take each pound one day at a time. Not just the change in the scale number but I count how I am feeling, how my clothes fit, how much energy I have and how much stronger I am. Each change I make is a step closer to a healthier life. Allison thank you for always believing in me!

I am so inspired by this woman. I get up early (4:45am) and on so many mornings when I got up there would already be a message from Darlene… 3AM asking a question or checking in! Everyday she got her workout in and shared her meal planning! Her attitude from day 1 made this possible, strength, determination and belief in herself!

Darlene, I am so proud of you and blessed to be a part of your journey! #Living4Lyfe